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Vanity mirrors in practical designsChoose from wall-mounted designs or portable table mirrors that you can carry from room to room. Larger wall mirrors, or smaller ones grouped together, make a room look brighter and bigger. Our different styles and types give you choices for everywhere in your home. Tested and approved for bathroom use. LED light source approved for IP44.

Hardwired installation. Use an authorized electrician for consultation and installation. Built-in LED light source. The lamp emits 300 lumen, which is approximately equal to the light emitted by a 40-watt incandescent bulb. LED life approx. 20,000 hours. Light color: warm daylight (2700 Kelvin). The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Gives a diffused light. Good for spreading light into larger areas of a bathroom. The mirror comes with safety film on the back, which reduces the risk of injury if the glass is broken. Do not expose to direct sunlight. The sunbeams may reflect in the mirror glass and ignite flammable material. One side of the mirror magnifies 3 times. Light color: warm white (3700 Kelvin). One side with magnifying mirror. Suitable for use in high humidity areas since it is water-resistant.

Mirror cabinets double as storage and larger mirrors will make your bathroom look brighter and bigger. Add a vanity mirror for close-ups and to make sure your hair is doing what you want at the back, too. Bathroom wall mirrors for all stylesTake a peek at our impressive range of bathroom wall mirrors that come in many different designs. Choose an elegant framed mirror, like our EKNE model, which has a shiny steel rim running around its circumference, and twisting metal curlicues at the top.

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