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C.T. Schreyer Honors Program: Guidelines for Writing a ThesisUndergraduate research is a unique opportunity for students to explore important scientific questions. The thesis should reflect the thinking, experimentation and results of the exploration.It is recognized that each thesis is necessarily unique in content.

Therefore, the final format should be agreed upon by the student and the thesis advisor. The following guidelines are recommended. In two pages or less, the student should describe the scientific problem (hypothesis or question) and its significance, the experiments that were done, theUndergraduate Senior Thesis in MathematicsThe Department of Mathematics at UC Davis offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in original mathematical research that will culminate in a senior undergraduate thesis.

A student taking advantage of this opportunity would work under the guidance of a faculty mentor, pursuing original research. However, they must be nominated by a faculty mA thesis for Distinction in Biology should be a presentation, written primarily for the non-specialist reader, of the significance, results and conclusions of a productive research project.

The thesis is a written exam to be evaluated by the Faculty in Biology and must answer the following questions: What did you do. Why did you do it. What is the significance of your results. The volume of results or completeness of the study is not critical for a successful thesis.

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