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Cause and effect is something everyone learns in elementary school. If you need more help with other basic writing skills, try this paragraph and essay writing class.Below, you will find definitions of both types of cause and effect writings as well as examples of each. The section regarding arguments will also include sample topics for your cause and effect writings.Cause and Effect SentencesSentences built using cause and effect usually involve an action that is making something happen and the result of that action.

You can usually find sentences built this way by key words and phrases they use: so, since, as a result of, because, therefore. Other topics will ask you to discuss the results or effects of some cause. Alternatively, points can be presented in terms of emphasis, from least important to most important, or vice versa.See Examples and Observations below. In reality, a cause precedes the effect, but in a statement either the cause or effect can precede the other. An effect is the results of a cause or causes.

The Positive Effects of DaycareSince my daughter has been in daycare she has become better at a few different things. To start off, her vocabulary is much larger and more developed. Now she tries to repeat everything that is said. Another result of her being in daycare is thGlobal climate change resulting from the accumulation of greenhouse gases, for example is likely to have significant health effects, both direct and indirect. Deaths would occur primarily from heat strokes, heart attacks, and cerebral strokes.

The very young, poor, and elderly, as well as those with chronic cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, are most at risk. Yousqueeze the toothpaste (cause) and expect it to come out of thetube (effect). Althougha lot of writing you will come across doesnot rely solely on one method of development, an understanding ofthese patternswill help you organize your ideas and get you writing more quickly.

Choosinga Method of DevelopmentAnunderstanding of different methods of development and when to usethem can save youvaluable time in starting and organizing you.

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