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For obvious reasons graduates tend not to have a lot of work experience. What employers want to see in a graduate is future potential, ambition, a fresh mind and performance. Employers are often more interested in a graduates potential rather than their limited work experience. The block will expire shortly after those requests stop. In the meantime, solving the above CAPTCHA will let you continue to use our services.This traffic may have been sent by malicious software, a browser plug-in, or a script that sends automated requests.

If you share your network connection, ask your administrator for help — a different computer using the same IP address may be responsible. I have observed that writing a CV in Nigeria is something people put off for as long as possible and when they eventually get to it, they have the impression that so long as important elements such as work experience, educational qualifications and bio-data are in place, a CV is complete.I beg to disagree. I believe that your CV is an account or narratUnemployment - In a recession, job losses are inevitable.

As consumption and production fall, companies naturally have to stop hiring except for essential staffing needs. Many may also have to lay off staff with redundancies, which adds to an already alarming unemployment situation. Here are some unemployment survival tips that you may find useful. - Click to read more.

A successful interview takes a strategic planning process as well as knowledge of the standard of the company you are applying to. Interviews are your best opportunity to sell your skills and abilities. The following are therefore tips to boost your interview performance: - Click to read more. These elements include: bio-data, personal profile, educational qualifications, work experience, achievements (if any), trainings (if any), hobbies and referees.

Every template can be amended to suit a particular requirement at any given time. The first is used when you have got no work experience (fresh graduate) or you are applying for a research role in an educational institution. The other, experience-based, centres more on the skills you have garnered while working. These students in turn enter the university without prior knowledge of writing, making it difficult for most graduates especially in Nigeria to write an ordinary article talk more of a curriculum vitae.

Writing a C.V (curriculum vitae) is very important thing in finding a job or work in Nigeria and other parts of the Africa. When writing a CV or Resume (as the French calls it) there is no particular way of doing so, but there are better ways of doing it because it is marketing document where you market yourself, experience, skills, abilities to employers. A CV is a concise document which summarizes your past, existing professional skills, proficiency and experiences.

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills (and some complementary ones) to do the job for which you are applying. Literally you are selling your talents, skills, proficiencies etc., Follow these steps to create a great CV. Know what information a CV generally contains. Curriculum vitae examples and writing tips including samples and. How to Prepare a CV for a Job or Academic Position with Examples. Topics covered include: CV vsresume, what is a CV, CV format and more.

We also present a great cv example.

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