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He is deaf and likes when the night grows still. One waiter tells the other that the old man tried to kill himself because he was in despair. The waiters look at the empty tables and the old man, who sits in the shadow of a tree. They see a couple walk by, a soldier with a girl. SummaryLate in the early morning hours, in a Spanish cafe, an old man drinks brandy. Nearby, two waiters, one young, the other older, talk about him.

When the old man orders another brandy, the young waiter purposefully overfills his glass. Apparently, the old man attempted to hang himself the previous week, but was stopped mid-suicide by his niece. The older waiter and younger waiter debate the possible cause.Meanwhile, a soldier walks by with a young woman, presumably out beyond curfew. Critics often see these themes emerge as reflections of the cultural and spiritual malaise of the disillusioned, post- World War I Western world.

And, because Hemingway is Hemingway, he manages (amazingly) to do it in under 1,500 words. There are a lot of people around us who have their own experience about the emptiness of life throughout their life. The story is about how the waiters were looking at the old man at the end the bar who has money but still depress about how he feel loneliness and emptiness. Different people have a different experience about the emptiness.

Few writers have made their mark on American letters and American culture like Ernest Hemingway. Bursting on the American literary scene in 1925 with the publication of the short story collection In O.Read more. Ernest Miller Hemingway (1898-191), American Nobel Prize-winning author, was one of the most celebrated and influe.

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