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Radish seed germination experiment lab report

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Create Assignment Radiant Radish SeedsPlease ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. AbstractWe all know that plants need sunlight and water to grow big and tall. But did you know that inside seeds are baby plants, and that the fragile baby plant inside the seed needs to be protected. How much radiation and heat can a seed handle. What is the variable you are testing. Research:List two pieces of information you learned about the variable you are testing below.

The radish stem was longer. Radish SeedGermination Experiment Observing the effects of different pH levels Experiment We analyzed the germination of radishseeds after watering them with solutions ofvarying pH levels. For the first samplewe used a milk solution (2% milk and baking soda), which is very basic and had apH of 10. For the Second sample we usedlemon juice, which is very acidic with a pHof 3.

We then conducted a controlexperiment, using bottled water, with aneutral pH of 7. Many students I know struggle to find a good idea, and sometimes wait until the last minute to do their experiments. Hypothesis The water will enhance the germination of the radish seeds better than the other liquids. Predictions The alcohol will hinder germination of the radish seeds.

The Sobe life water will enhance the radish seeds germination. The tap water will help the radish seeds germinate. The Lipton Citrus Green Tea with slow down the process of germination in the radish seeds. Data and Results Conclusions Materials and Methods The alcohol dish did not have any radishes germinate at all The sobe life water dish had all radishes germinate but slowed down the process of germination.

The tap.

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