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Executive resume examples are provided for those seeking a position in high-level management careers. Common job titles include Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), President, Vice President and Director. Executive resumes are needed in every industry for top-level positions. However, before you look at the samples we provide for you, you must know what the resume profile is in reality.

The resume profile is a statement or collection of statements about the achievements you have made in your profession so far. The resume profile is also know as the career summary. Here, you summarize all the high points in your career so the recruiter can directly read them and make up their mind about giving you an opportunity or no. The resume profile is a collection of statements about yourself.

They have to be written in the chronological order, and in the end of it, you state your career objectives.Resume profiles are sought after more than the objectives, as in the objectives, you state about your personal goals, but in the profile, you state your achievemTo be the successful job candidate in any field, it helps to have a comprehensive resume. Researched information for news articles using library and Web sources.

Editor-in-chief of yearbook staff. The first one is more focused on the customer (employer) and what benefits he or she will receive if hiring you. The objective is more focused on the candidate. For this reason we do recommend to use a resume profile instead of an objective as it is stronger choice for most.Resume profiles statements feature your skills, accomplishments, and career level, and can also inc.

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