The writer of the book of job is assumed to be an israelite because

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The Book of JobI. Wisdom LiteratureA. By its nature, therefore, wisdom literature isintensely practical. Proverbial Wisdom (Proverbs): short, pithy sayings which staterules for personal happiness and welfare.2. Speculative Wisdom (Job and Ecclesiastes): this type of literaturemay be further subdivided into a) monologues, like Ecclesiastes,and b) dialogues, like Job. These sorts of wisdom books delveinto such problems as the meaning of existence and the relationshipbetween God and people.

The author of the book is unknown1. The text does not identify its author2. Rabbinic tradition does not attempt to identify an author other than suggesting that the writer must have preceded MosesB. Ones understanding of DatSearch This SiteClick here toThe Book of JobDennis Bratcher Overview of the Book I.

Rabbi Kushner has spent years brooding over Job—as a young doctoral student in Bible, rattled by recent revelations of the Holocaust, he contemplated a dissertation on the biblical character, only to find himself deferring the challenge. The book continued to haunt him, as a congregational rabbi counseling the bereaved, and as the father of a child taken young by terminal illness.

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