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This preview of Power Map is for Excel 2013 customers without an Office 35 subscription. It includes basic functionality but does not have the newest features of Power Map such as filtering and custom maps. The Office 35 Excel client includes the latest Power Map release. Power Map is a 3D data visualization tool for Excel that provides an immersive experience for making discoveries in data that might never be seen in traditional 2D tables and charts. To get this data into Bing Maps I would geocode the address information and then convert the data into a format that could be easily imported into Bing Maps.

This usually required a few hours of work on my part and usually led to a discussion on how this could be turned into a reusable business intelligence app.The solution at the time was to create a custom add-in for Excel or export the data to a database and create a web app. In either case there was significant development work required. In the last few years a lot of great tools have been made available that solRelated Book Statistical Analysis with Excel For Dummies, 4th EditionBy Joseph SchmullerAdded as Power View to Excel 2013, 3D Maps is the current incarnation in Excel 201.

As its name implies, 3D Maps adds three-dimensional visualization. Here, you learn how to use 3D Maps to create a globe with data on numerous countries.The image below shows part of a spreadsheet with data on life expectancy at birth, expected years of schooling, and mean years of schooling for 188 countries. As shown, 3D Maps has been used to create a three-dimensional globe that shows these countries and their associated statistics.

With over one billion users of the popular spreadsheet software, that is a lot of data waiting to be mapped out. Customer rosters, delivery routes, and store locations are just a few examples of the types of geographic information residing with Excel spreadsheets that could benefit from visualization through maps.

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