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New firmware, can successfully print with ABS, TPU, and PLA Materials. Uses Repetier Host software (free and Opensource) for 3D model Slicing and printing. Small chips in build plate, still prints cle. It is an open source machine that can use any resin that initiates at 405nm. The only consumable that is required to buy from an Asiga distributor are the build trays and this deal comes with (4) four. MAKERBOT Replicator. Fifth Generation. Desktop3D Printer. Machine was updated and is on latest firmware - a.

The Z18 incorporates an on-board camera for print monitoring and sharing to MakerBotThe Ultimate Multi-Material Desktop 3D Printer Compact Desktop MachineCombines the accuracy and versatility of a high-end machine with a small footprint — 82.5(w) x 2(d) x 59(h) cm(32.28 x 24.4 x 23.22 inches). 7 Material Types AvailableOnly desktop printer in the world capable of printing clear transparent, high-temperature resistant and polypropylene-like material. Print with exceptional detailIdeal for consumer goods, consumer electronics, medical devices and design consultancies.Download the Brochure View the Product Page.

PRODUCTION-LEVEL VERSATILITY IN A DESKTOP 3D PRINTERThe Objet30 Pro features a larger range of materials than the Objet30, with all the same advantages. The Objet30 Pro is ideal for prototyping consumer goods, consumer electronics, medical devices and more. Now Objet printers provide 3D printing systems that enable industrial designers and manufacturers to reduce the total cost of product development and dramatically reduce time-to-market of new products.

click here for more info. Objet 3D printers allows users to create highly accurate and finely detailed 3D models and parts for a large range of rapid prototyping applications. This gives Objet printers a unique advantage over other rapid prototyping technologies and materials, which may require lengthy finishinSell your 3D Printer with FREE classified ads.Upgrading to the latest printer model.

Getting rid of some older FDM printers. One layer of color at a time, a coherent image is formed from a file on your computer. 3D printers build 3-dimensional, solid objects from a digital design file (using plastic polymers and other materials), one layer at a time.Also called additive manufacturing, the process adds materials in order to make a final product, as opposed to other manufacturing methods, such as machining, which cut away pieces of raw material to make a particular shape and size.The Many Possibilities of 3D PrintingA basic, personal desktop 3D printer can make tools and other simple objects.

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