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It is at this time that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This, however, is not all there is to the modern Christmas holiday.Holidays can serve to form a connection to the past and can form and reinforce connections with the friends and family with whom you celebrate. Often, people attend services as a family as part of a long-running tradition, and even those who rarely attend religious services are moved to attend during the Christmas season.Should an atheist attend such services with their family.

Only recently have I come to accept Christmas as a secular holiday. Because of my religious awakening in high school and the subsequent falling out I had with God in college, its symbols and stories were too freighted with meaning for me just to enjoy the pretty colors. But I used to be a true believer. Ok, so my neighbors are both Atheist and extreamly left wing on all political matters.

In anger, St Boniface is said to have cut down the oak tree and to his amazement a young fir tree sprung up from the roots of the oak tree. St BonifacHead here to subscribe to Animal Wire. We have childhood memories of Christmas or Hanukkah, family meals, holiday cheer and the quirkiness of our relatives. While we might make noise when religion attempts to break through the wall of the separation of church and state, we are not in the habit of kicking Santa in the shins, tearing down creches, or, like the Grinch, stealing the Christmas stockings from the mantle.

I admit I have known atheists who grow quite surly and Scrooge-like at any suggestion of Christmas merriment. Need Atheist Christmas postage to help send that card on its way. Our cards and postage department is your one-stop-shop for awesome mailing accessories. No more sifting through the same old messages and designs that everyone else is sending their loved ones, as you can browse through a plethora of images, artwork, and text created by our design community to give you a unique, fun way to send congratulations, best wishes, or condolences.

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