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Action Research Examples in EducationTeachers interested in studying their own teaching or classroom context often ask for action research examples in education to give them an idea of what types of research can be done.There are numerous approaches, data collection options, and ways to analyze data. Note that your research question(s) will determine the best source of data.

For the examples below, drawings are appropriate, especially when combined with other sources of data.The examples below highlight two ways drawings might be used in action research. Understand that finding the right topic and research question(s) can be challenging. Before you begin planning your study, take the time think about your topic and question. The area of focus for my project is improving Reading Comprehension Through the Use of Higher Order Thinking Skill Activities.

Without the solid foundation of reading skill the researcher feels the children will be struggle hard throughout their schooling and adult life. By learning the best comprehension strategies and how to best teach these strategies to the pupils, the researcher hopes to provide the solid foundation needed to succeed.

Its aim is to create real situations to solve some practical problems. Not only one person but a group of people can be involved in the process. An action research paper is a way to solve problems through actions- actions for change, action for improvement. It has long been practiced by organizations in solving the problems they face in their functioning like in production process, in dealing with the human resource and so on.

In order to develop their skill set in studying and implementing remedial measures for given problems, even the students, mostly of social sciences and management, may be given an assignment on action research paper.

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