Dna extraction from cheek cells protocol

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Students then remove the DNA from those cheek cells. It shows the DNA is in every cell in the body and can be extracted easily. Students use their DNA necklace which they proudly wear around school the rest of the day. Learning Goals. This lab is designed to introduce students to the concept of DNA controlling living organisms.2.

The difference between mitochondrial and genomic DNA.3. Accurate measurement and following directions.KEY CONCEPTS1. Vocabulary words:DNA, nucleus, extraction, spooling, What you need:- test tubes with 5ml of detergent solution - capped tubes with 10ml of rubbing alcohol - bottle with prepared salt solution - dixie cups - plastic coffee stirrer - flat wood sticks - - small Eppendorf tube - pipettes Grouping:Students can work in pairs or as individuals.

To allow each student to handle materials groups should not be larger than that. Setting:Classroom or laboratory Time needed:One class period (40- minutes). Students will observe their own DNA. How can something so simple be the very stuff of life itself, the instruction booklet for life, a how-to guide for building a living thing. In the course of the next few weeks we will uncover the basic process by which DNA gets things done.

How it works: The cell itself and again the nucleus within the cel.

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