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Also, a bit about using words in your resume to get it discovered online. Everyone knows that having a good and professional resume helps us to find a good job. But writing a good resume takes a lot of effort. These problems are easily solved by Microsoft Office 2013 which helps you to create professional resumes using the Office 2013 Resume Templates.The resumes are a special kind of resume that focuses on skills.

Use the matching cover letter template for a complete set. This is an accessible template.Word, Word Online Download Edit in Browser. Microsoft Office is one of the most used and popular suite developed by Microsoft for creating and managing different documents. It is very useful suite with huge number of features and updated with new versions. Whether you are a fresher student searching for your desired job or an experienced candidate, a resume is the most important aspect to concentrate and take good care when you wish to apply for your desired job.

Resumes are differentiated based on the functional area you are applying. It was firstly designed for customer service positions, but it can be just as helpful if you are applying as store assistant, sales or even a technical position. It is so clean and functional that it can be really used for any profession. It features candidate name and profession on the left hand, followed by a career statement, work experience and education.

On the right hand you can find a delicate light grey column that hosts the candidate photo (which can be maintained or removed according to your preference), followed by additional inforColors: Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Purple, Orange.File Format: Microsoft WordA very functional resume template for Microsoft Word that comes in colors to choose from.

As the name suggests, this is a functional resume template designed for everyday use and all purposes. While aiming to be useful for all those individuals working in customer service and sales, this functional resume template can serve anyone working in the service sector, including store managers, office assistants and other service employees. This is because our functional resume template was designed as a suitable solution for any job.

It is very functional thanks to a smart use of the space, while featuring two columns where you can highlight all your experience and skills that will come handy to the recruiter. If you are looking for a clean resume template that is very functional, then our functional resume template is.

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