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Thesoftware also offers many powerful features that can help you minefinancial data for the information and intelligence needed to makebusiness decisions. This second article in the series looks at some ofthese features, ones that CPAs can apply in their organizations or canshow clients how to use, strengthening their position as a trustedbusiness adviser.1. Controlling columns. QuickBooks provides a uniqueoption for controlling the columns displayed in financial reports, andthis tool is easy to use.

Easily share them with your accountant at tax time, or with business partners anytime. See a full list of the reports QuickBooks Online has to offer below. Business OverviewThese reports show different perspectives of how your business is doing. Profit and LossShows money you earned (income) and money you spent (expenses) so you can see how profitable you are. I do not want them listed by every invoice or transaction date.

So far I have had no luck. We do that with the style and format of our responses. When answering questions, write like you speak. In this scenario, a client needs to know this details in order to rebate these customers. To illustrate this benefit we will continue the example from my previous post. We will also look at three specific reports that use item information.If you are not familiar with items it may be helpful to read Using Items in QuickBooks and Why You Should Be Using Two-Sided Items in QuickBooks before reading on.Example RecapYou are the owner of Kitchen and Kooks Katering.

You are experiencing high demand. You hire CookShip Catering to help lighten your load.

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