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Hospital is a place where people a treated for illness or injures.In modern hospitals, there are two separated entrances and many parts of rooms to treat people dealing with their health. One of these is for patients in need of immediate treatment. It is the emergency entrance. The other entrance is the main entrance of the hospital.On the ground floor inside the main entrance there are probably a reception area and waiting room, and also an office.

On this floor may also be the laundry and the kitchen.On the floor above and below are numerous other departments, for examples: a maternity section for mothers and their babies, rooms of patients, operating rooms, and special rooms such a radiography room, laboratories, pharmacy, and blood bank. Text 1:SnakesSnakes are reptiles (cold-blooded creatures). They belong to the same group as lizards (the scaled group, Squamata) but from a sub-group of their own (Serpentes)AppearanceSnakes have two legs but a long time ago they had claws to help them slither along.Snakes are not slimy.

They are covered in scales which are just bumps on the skin. Their skin is hard and glossy to reduce friction as the snake slithers along the groundBehaviourSnakes often sun bake on rocks in the warm weather. The Anaconda can eat small crocodiles and even boarItalyis a nation a republic with a parliamentary patterns in Southern Europe. Italyborders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia along the Alps in thenorth.

The capital of Italy is Rome. Italyhas many attractions began from the colosseum, the learning tower of Pisa,centre fashion in Milan, the food, theater buildings, etc. Colosseumis a heritage sites in the form of gladiatorial arena, who built by Vespasianthe located in Roma. Colosseum to be one of the greatest works of architectureever built in the Roman Empire. Tower ofPisa is also one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Milan isknown as the fashion capital of the world.

Lots of history about the cityDefinition of Report Report is a text which presents information about something, as it is. It is as a result of systematic observation and analysis Generic Structure of Report 1. Many people call platypus duckbill because this animal has a bill like duckbill. Platypus is a native Tasmania and southern and eastern Australia.Platypus has a flat tail and webbed feet.

Its body length is 30 to 45 cm and covered with a thick, and woolly layer of fur. FreeEnglishCourse has brought to you the simple definition of descriptive text. Descriptive is a writing style which tries to portray a thing, place, or person in a written material. Next post we will an example of descriptive text about Rome.Relating to study text types in English, it is closely related to report text.

Both are to describe an object which readers can view it as they see the object by themselves. However there is a difference between report and descriptive text. For report, the object described is in general term. It can belong a certain class, group, or species. On the other hand a descriptive text is stating specifically a certain object.

Report as one of the genres that we learn does not mean laporan in Indonesia. So, what is a report text. Report means a text which describe things in general. To tell the facts of the things described, the writer usually uses present simple tense. Kecuali bendanya sudah punah, seperti dinosaurus. Penulis atau pembicara akan menggunakan simple past tense jika benda yang diceritakan sudah punah, alias dah jadul.

Report text contains the class or subclass of the topic described, and then followed by telling the shape, parts, behaviour, etc in details.Kalian pasti pernah mendeskripsikan sesuatu, biComputer systems computer systems Assignment 1 - Topic: scannersDate:Student name:Student number:Tutor name:Tutorial time:AbstractThis report investigates the current state of scanner technology and examines the predicted future advancements of scanners. A brief history of the scanner and its operation is initially outlined.

The discussion then focuses on the advantages and limitations of the five main types of scanners in common use today: drum, flatbed, sheet-fed, slide, and hand held scanners. The performance of these scanners is examined in relation to four main criteria: resolution, bit-depth, dynamic range and software. It is concluded that further technological advances in these four areas as well as the deployment of new sensor technology will continue to improve the quality of scanned images.

An information report is used as a way to gain a better understanding about a living or non-living subject. The first part of an information report is the title, or heading, of the report. This will tell the reader what topic is covered in the report.The.

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