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Hybridization and general principles of bonding are complicated, but not inexplicable. A good understanding of hybridization is necessary as it is central to drawing and imagining molecules with the correct geometry. A firm grasp as one progresses makes it easier. Chemists like to omit the number one when it is obviously how many there are. Tetrahedral, trigonal planar, and linear.

It is critical to making all your drawings as precise as possible.Biological life is complex but the atoms it comes from are far simpler.Starting with hydrogen, one can increase the proton count or atomic number (Z) of an element by adding one proton at a time, starting from hydrogen. That proton or positivelOrganic chemistry Homework Help:If you are a Organic chemistry Homework student and seeking help in Organic chemistry Homework, then here is most reliable, precise and 100 % original solution at Assignments Help Tutors.

In our surrounding most of the things are made up of organic molecules. For example food we eat is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, medicines we take for disease, colors for cloths, various polymers, petrol for vehicles, LPG for cooking food, are all organic compounds. Our life is totally depended on organic molecules even our genetic material DNA and RNA are made up of organic molecules.

Petroleum and coal are two major sources present in nature for simple organic compounds. Larger and more complicated compounds can be synthesized from using simple compounds as a building blocks. Organic chemistry is fundamental to biochemistry and medicinal chemistry. We can subdivide organic chemistry into following topics. In fact, it is not limited to studying such substances only. For example, organic chemistry is a theoretical base for producing medicine.

That is why organic chemistry is a required subject for doctors. The process of studying chemistry is not limited to lectures and practical classes in the lab. Very often you have to study a lot at home. Get the Organic Chemistry help you needOrganic chemistry is just one of the areas of study pertaining to scientific field of chemistry. Answer: Octaneb. Reasoning: the parent chain is the longest chain. The longest chain in the diagram haseight carbons and is therefore octane.2) Question 2a.

3,5-diethyl-2-methylheptaneb. Reasoning: step one is to find the longest c.

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