Distillation column experiment lab report

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The binary distillation of ethanol and water is made possible due to the difference in volatilities of the components in the boiling liquid mixture. This column was used to find the specifications and optimum operating conditions needed to produce 100 barrels of strong, 80% mole of ethanol blend beverage from an 8% mole of ethanol mixture everyday. Balvinder Singh SCM-028 923 2. Sasiskala Regal SCM-028 922 3. Kevin Devastian SCM-020 972 4. Fahmy SCM-023 055 5.

Suppose there are two components, A and B. Both of these components are found in both phases. Similarly, the feed pump and reboiler pump were calibrated to determine the actual flow rates of a particular setting. Also, the reboiler level on labview was calibrated to an actual level. Next, a known solution was prepared in the reboiler. The temperature that the solution boiled and the temperature of the distillate were measured to determine the composition.

Then, a batch distillation was conducted for a prepared solution.

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