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Well, in the formal, traditional sense of qualifications. I am currently in the stage of deciding what I would prefer to be when I am in adult. All of my choices are rather far fetch but I should at least try considering these are things I love and I am rather good at them. So, what College courses, or what would I need to major in to become an author.

Tell me exactly how. show more I am currently in the stage of deciding what I would prefer to be when I am in adult. Tell me exactly how I could become an author please. Best AnThere are millions of books, articles, and other written works around the world. Written publications provide people with information, education, entertainment, ideas, and much more. They produce a broad variety of written materials that are presented to a target audience in an increasing variety of ways.

They create content using a variety of multimedia formats. On the one hand, you need absolutely zero qualifications to become an author. Anyone can sit down and write a poem, essay, novel or screenplay. On the other hand, if you want your writing published or to be paid for writing, you need the appropriate training, experience and credentials. Aspiring authors should be aware that writing is a very compeEducational requirements vary, depending on your specialization.1.

To be a technical writer, you usually need a university degree in an area of specialization such as computer science or engineering.2. To be a copywriter, you usually need a university degree or college diploma in English, French, marketing, advertising or another field.3. To be a creative writer, you may want to take a creative writing program offered by a university or college.4.

To succeed in this occupation, you need talent and ability, demonstrated by a portfolio of work, in order to be hired.5. You may also need to be a member of a guild or union related to the occupation.

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