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Writing a Strong Introduction and Conclusion Worksheet Assignment Writing: Writing ProcessPractice with this Introduction and Conclusion Worksheet to strengthen your assignment writing. Ten exercises have you examine example paragraphs, and write an introduction and conclusion of your own.Writing a Strong Introduction and Conclusion InstructionsFor the first four exercises below, answer the questions about the sample introduction paragraph.

For exercises 5-8, answer the questions about the sample conclusion paragraph. For exercises 8 and 9, follow the instructions given in each. Sample introduction paragraph:Suicide is something just about everyone has contemplated at one time or another, regardless of whether an individual is willing to admit it.

While some people only contemplate it, the sad truth is that there are over 500,000 people that commit suicide every year. Topic: What the results say versus what I thought about myself. a. Subtopic: Seeing my strengths and weaknessb. Subtopic: Figuring in my SMART goals2. Topic: How to build off of my competenciesa.

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