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Too many lives have been lost to drunk driving. A death from drunk driving does not only affect the victim but it affects everyone around them such as family and friends. One night, one drink, one mistake is all it takes for drunk driving to take its toll. There are many solutions to prevent drunk driving, but they will only work if we put them into play.Every 90 seconds someone is injured by the cause of drunk driving. (Johnston) Drunk driving is not something that happens occasionally.

It happens everyday of the year. They could be driving home from work one day and get hit by someone who has been drinking. How would you fWhen an intoxicated individual makes a decision to sit behind the wheel of an automobile and drive home, he endangers everyone on the road. This one decision, which may not seem important at the time, can have a crucial impact. When the choice whether or not to drive under the influence of alcohol faces a person, he often does not realize the consequences of his actions, and therefore makes an extremely uneducated decision.

Many people believe that increasing fines for drunk driving offenders will play a significant part in the cutting down of driving under the influence. However, while stiffer DUI laws will look affective on paper, they will not make a substantial step in the fight against drunk driving.The only benefit of increased drunk driving fines goes to the law enforcement agency that collects the fines. Because the majority of DUI stops happen to individuals who do not believe Ways to Stop Drunk Driving - Essay SampleDrunk driving is a problem that could lead to the driver, the passenger, and bystanders injured or worst in addition to damages to property.

It becomes an offense when mental and motor skills are compromised.In the U.S drunk driving is illegal in all states, cities, and counties, but the methods of punishment vary. PreventionPreventing the act of drunk driving is difficult since law enforcement would have to prevent the act of drinking and monitor who is coming out of what bar or establishment. Nowadays, there are many traffic accidents that happen daily.

Worldwide, averages of seventeen people are killed in these traffic accidents every minute. There are another twenty to thirty people that end up handicap after being involved in these tragic, traffic accidents. Many solutions have been put forth in an effort to reduce drunk driving and consequently reduce the number of road carnages. The persistence of the problem however calls for improved solutions. You may also sort these by color ratingor essay length.TitleLengthColor RatingWe Must Reduce Underage Drinking and Driving in College- Many temptations are faced in college culture and one of them is underage drinking and driving.

College culture has come to encourage drinking and driving through the places and people that surround the students (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, October 2002). A driver should be consistently alert and be able to react swiftly to hazards, have a clear vision and be able to judge speed and distance. However, when an individual is intoxicated, majority of these skills needed to drive safely are impaired, leading to an increased risk of accidents.

This has resulted in many alcohol-related fatalities. However, it would be prevented by applying countermeasures with an aim of changing the behavior of individuals who might drive while drunk and also to uphold the behavior of individuals who do not drive while drunk.One approach which has been, widely adopted is legislation. It involves setting up Driving-Under-Influence (DUI) laws. The DUI laws stipulates the maximum Blood-Alcohol-Content (BAC) value and allows local enforcement agencies to detect any impairDrunk DrivingDrunk driving is a huge problem in America.

It can happen anytime in the day so people should always be cautious. Many people that drink and drive are under aged teens. Although many people are dying from alcohol related accidents, it does not even come close to how many are permanently injured. Drivers having high blood alcohol content (BAC) are at higher risk to death or injuries due to accidents.

According to National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. 32 percent of accidents are the results of drunk driving (NCADD, 2014). In the year 2000, 1,53 accidents occurred due to using alcohol during driving. Due to drunken driving almost 17,274 people were killed in 1995 (PBS, 2002). Moreover almost one million people are injured due to alcoholic driving (PBS, 2002).Alcohol is theWays to Stop Drunk Driving - Essay SampleDrunk driving is a problem that could lead to the driver, the passenger, and bystanders injured or worst in addition to damages to property.

How would you fContinue reading.Open DocumentAlcohol and DrivingImagine being in a bar with a few of your good friends. Everyone is drinking and having a good time. Instead they ca ll a cab to give you a ride home. You would be extremely lucky to have such smart friends. Drunk driving is a very serious problem in our society today, but it is becomming socially unacceptable causing the numbers of alcohol related traffic fatalites t o decline considerably.Drunk driving can be very deadly.

Yet many people drive while under the influence everyday. Drivers who are drunk are blamed for the loss of as many as twentyfive thousand lives in highway crashes each year and hundreds of thousands of severe injurys.It is thought that drunk drivers have a long history of doing this anPeople all around the world drink and they also drive. But driving under the influence of alcohol is a very dangerous, risk taking thing to do, not just to the drivers, but to the passengers and pedestrians as well.

When people consume alcohol, their normal functioning of the brain impairs, thus increasing the chances of having a fatal accident when chosen to drive. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40% of the car accidents in the year 2002 were alcohol related in US. That is about 17,419 deaths. This meant that in average, every 30 minutes someone was killed in a car accident that was relating alcohol.The legal limit of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) for drivers at the age of 21 or older is.08 percent.

For drivers under the age of 21, the legal limit of BAC is.01 percent. Struggling to find a great topic. Scan the lists below to find many ideas the college students I teach have written about. Remember you can adapt these general ideas to fit your own school, town, or situation. Each crash, each death,. each injury impacts not only the person in the crash, but family, friends, classmates, coworkers and more. You can select something as simple as discussing the ways of eliminating tobacco usage or go for the topic of poverty elimination.

Try presenting your readers with commonly accepted ways of fighting the problem as well as brainstorm some alternatives that were never thought of before. I suggest we. Based on. the answer is to.

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