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Quantum physics has taught us that nothing is absolutely any one thing. The string--be it nylon, hemp, or cotton--has electrons, and those electrons, busy critters, move, flux, and orbit, constantly redefining the space of that piece of string. It was a quote originally used by the Edward Lorenz, as a more poetic way of saying weather is hard to predict.

In the movie however, the quote meant that if one changes their past, their whole future could be changed in a way that is unpredictable.The past being changed is something that everyone has thought about once or twice. Anything bad that ever happened would never have happened. One could change course when they had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. One could save a life that had been lost, or they could just change a simple mistake.

Those words can make your heart skip a beat and bring tears to your eyes. The feeling of following your dreams is inexplicable and proof that all your hard work was worth it.It is a signpost in life, a trail marker. It is a day you will never forget, the day you opened that envelope and your future was revealed.

But what about all those days in-between, the ones that make and break you, the days that fly by, the days that are nothing special - the days you forget.Would you have received that acceptance letter had you not attended the college fair at your school, which you used as a way to skip class. Each day is of equal importance, no matter how good or bad. Butterfly EffectBIBLIOGRAPHYThe technical name for the butterfly effect is sensitive dependence on initial conditions. It was first proposed in meteorology but has an impressive array of implications in a variety of fields.

Simply put, the butterfly effect occurs when a very small event has exceedingly large and far-reaching impact. An estimated 100 to 200 million butterflies make the journey each year. These butterflies ride the prevailing wind currents and land in aggregations. For the title of the written text, a cage of butterflies, butterflies represent the Think Tank and Babies and they are trapped in the cage. In the case of the Monarch Butterfly the caterpillar metamorphoses into a winged, flying butterfly.The Monarch begins its life as a fragile, ridged.

She looked around and caught the other two butterflies and ran up to the porch. She had dirt all over her dress and the puff. The cinematography, editing techniques, and sound direction help provide vision to an oddly shaped motion picture. There are various little, maybe unnoticeable to some, shots in this movie that try to justify the scene or what the director is trying to convey. For instance, within the first five minutes of the film, main character Evan Treborn, played by Ashton Kutcher, is sitting at the table writing in a notebook.

This is a great theory that can be applied to specific aspects of life and life in general.

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