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Example of results in a psychology lab report

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If any of the information above is unclear to you, look at this sample lab report for further guidance. Although they may seem overwhelming to you now, lab reports can be written efficiently and effectively if you follow a formula that optimizes clarity and concision. However, you do not get to provide interpretation here. Infact, the wise writer uses graphs and figures to highlight the mostimportant or interesting information. Otherwise, arrange the resultsfrom most to least relevant or strong.

ResultsWhen samples of hydrolysed and unhydrolysed BSA were analysed byascending paper chromatography, the appearance and separation ofthe two samples were quite different. Theunhydrolysed BSA had very little colour and appeared to remain onthe origin (Fig. 1, lane 7). In its hydrolysed form, however, theBSA sample separated into a number of spots which were bright pinkor purple (Fig. 1, lane 8).description but no explanationNotice that there is no direct reference tofigures but to the results themselves.Read and compare these excerpts from the resultssections of two biology reports written about the same experiment.Footnote.

Example AExample BResultsOn observation of each strain of E. Coli, it was apparentthat all treatments used a deterring effect on the growth of E.Coli colonies but some treatments were more effective on particularstrains than others (see Figure 1.)FIGURE 1E. Coli stra.

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