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Make a listof facts you learned from the story2. List the charactersand describe them3. List fivenew words you learned in the book. Write down their dictionary pronunciation and meaning.4. If your bookwas a mystery, tell what the mystery was and how it was solved5. List ten goodwords from the book. Put them into a word search.

What kindof book is this. List three evidences of this14. Not only do they need to teach their core content areas, but they must also help their students master reading comprehension, too. Below, please find free reading comprehension worksheets complete with multiple choice questions and some essay questions, too. Bonus. You can have them on hand for easy substitute lesson plans if you have to be out.

This document provides Guided Reading Questions that can be applied to any book and adapted to any grade level. Questions about Setting, Characters, Personal and Textual Connections, Plot, Theme, Perspective, Language, Illustrations, Genre, and Author are included. There are more than 85 questions and all require deeper thinking and analysis. This is a great way to get your students really thinking and discussing literature in a meaningful way.

Are the main characters dynamic—changing or maturing by the end of the book. So what are we to do. Well, BB to the rescue. We have come up with a list of general discussion questions that we feel can be applied to any book and generate some good discussions.Download the PDFGeneral Discussion Questions for ANY book:Story:1. What is the significance of the title. Would you have given the book a different title.

What were the themes of the book. Do you feel they were adequately explored. What scene was the most pivotal for the book. How do yo.

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