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A good resume that is clear, concise and easy to read is essential when looking for a job. Resumes should be word processed and should be neat and tidy. Use a pre-installed template in Word. Once you have opened up the new document menu, you will be able to choose from a large number of templates that are included with the Word software. The text in the bullets will show up as body text until you assign headings.To assign or edit headings and headingWhether you are a high school student or on your first job a good resume is something you desperately need in order to obtain that seat in college or that job you have always dreamt about.

Whatever the nature of your work the importance of a good resume can hardly be understated. Unfortunately, this tendency emanate from poorly structured, unconvincing resume. Why not use this template to create the best resume It is all those things, but it is also easy to work with. We encourage you to read through the resume tips and guidelines for resume wrThe first perquisite of any job-application exercise is that you must have curriculum vitae, also known as CV or resume.

In order to make a good impression on the HR or recruiter, your resume must have a combination of features which make it hard-to-miss material. No worries if you do not know how to design or build a resume.

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