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Hello. For 3 days only. BookChook Jul 21, 201 Good on you for this making this book. This is the place to come if you want to read a clean romance story. While I was doing just that, Ifound this short-story from my college days and wanted to share it with you. Ireally had to laugh. Even back then. How could she let her friend talk her intoselling these stupid housecleaning products. No one sells door-to-door anymore.Well, except maybe the Avon lady.

Karen smiled. So the economy was really bad. But finding asummer job until college started in the fall proved almost impossible. Door-to-door.She scoffed. What was I thinking. You can browse the romance library by subgenre or search it for a title, author or keyword. Stories can be read online, printed or downloaded for reading offline or on handheld devices. FREE ROMANCE STORIESHave you been searching for a place where you can read romance stories online.

Even better, FREE stories online. Want a place to kick back for a few moments and read one or more love stories. Because there are times when a quick read is all you need or want. Like when your on the train, heading to work in the morning. Or any variety of different scenarios. Got your iPhone, SmartPhone, Ipad or Tablet. We hope they do the same for you.Note: This is a follow-up to our previous post Tiny Love Stories to Make You Smile.

He realized how lucky he was that after 20 years of marriage, and raising a daughter for the last 17 years, he still had nothing to complain about. There was a girl named Becca and a boy named Joe. Becca was in a burning house. None of the firefighters could get in the house because the fire was too big. Joe dressed in one of the fire suits and got into the house.

When he got up the stairs, the steps fell off behind him. When he got into her room he sealed the door up behind him. He held her tight, kissed her, huged her, then said that he loved her. She asked what was wrong, and he saiLove and Romance StoriesThis section enlists passionate stories in which the plots and characters explore the multidimensional emotion that is love.Each of them display a different face of romance.Some are happy tales, while others have not-so-happy endings.Some have jealously possessive lovers while others the smooth charmers and tender consorts.Some will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, while others are sure to make you reach for that box of tissues.Either way, they are moving and perfect for those of you who enjoy romantic fiction.

I want to thank those who left comments on the last chapter, you guys are who I do it for. You all have nothing but nice things to say all the time. I hope you keep following and reading. It is greatly appreciated and your comments. I tickled Welcome to the romance short story section at east of the web.

Book a date with your favorite author and read everything from sweet young romance to steamy new adult. Is it a beast that roars at you every time you walk into yo.

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