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There are nine main maps on this web page, each one approximatelyten times the scale of the previous one. The first map shows the nearest starsand then the other maps slowly expand out until we have reached the scale of theentire visible universe. The Nearest StarsThe closest star to the Sun is only 7000 times further than the edge ofour solar system. This map shows all of the stellar systems that liewithin 12.5 light years from us.250 Light Years from the Sun.

The Solar NeighbourhoodA large proportion of the stars visible with the naked eye are within250 light years. This map shows this tiny section of our galaxy thatsurrounds our Sun.5 000 Light Years from the Sun. The Milky Way GalaxyOur galaxy is a loose spiral disc of two hundred billion stars roAdditional InformationThe Sun is at the large orange dot at the center of thethree-dimensional atlas of the Universe above.Initially, the local stars around the Sun are shown, colorcoded depending on whether they are cool red stars or hot blue ones.

Gradually,the view will slowly zoom out, revealing open clusters of stars in our galaxy(red), then the whole flat disk of the Milky Way with globular clusters ofstars around it (purple), and then the Local Group of other galaxies around ourown (blue).Once the view zooms out to show both the Sun and the center ofthe Milky Way, a white line is shown connecting the two, to give a sense of thescale of the Milky Way.At any time you can click and drag the simulation to rotate itmanually.

You can use the slider at the top to manually zoom in and out, or usethe scroll-wheel on your mouse. Best purchase I made online. Well, you might see something like this intense view of the whole of the universe spread out before you in all its cosmic glory. Nearly,000 galaxies are represented in an animation derived from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) data release 7.

Miguel Arago and Alex Szalay of John Hopkins University and Mark Subbarao of the Adler Planetarium created this amazing view. This art print displays sharp, vivid images with a high degree of color accur.

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