S1-l5-l4 spinal fusion success

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Spine Fusion Surgery VideoModern lumbar fusion surgery is a very reliable procedure, provided it is done by an appropriately skilled surgeon for the right patients. Neuro Spine Center of Wisconsin - NewsHomeAboutMedical StaffServicesFor PatientsFor PhysiciansLearning CenterNewsContactNewsSpinal Fusion SurgeryLumbar spinal fusion is a type of back surgery in which a bone graft is inserted in the spine so that the bones in a painful segment of the spine fuse together.

The fusion aims to stop the motion at a vertebral segment, which should decrease the pain caused by the joint. After the surgery it will take several months (usually 3 to , but sometimes up to 18 months) before the fusion is set-up. OK guys, I went to see a surgeon today and he suggested a spinal fusion. I know what a spinal fusion is so I dont need that explained. What I want to know is if you have had one for your back pain and do you think it is worth it.

They gave me about a 70% success rate. I am supposed to think about it over the next -8 weeks and get back to the surgeon. I was pain free for many years afterwords. I tend to heal very well and except for the degenerative disk disease and hypermobility, I am in great health.I am a little anxious about the upcoming fusion and am interested to know if there are others out there who have had this procedure and have had little to no complications and were able to return to work quickly.

I want to be the positive voice that some may need. I am 3 yrs old now and have just recently had a L5-S1 spinal fusion with instrumentation. When I was researching online prior to surgery everything I read online seemed to be so negative. I stopped reading online posts, I kept my head up, stayed positive and perservered with that way of thinking all the way through my hospital stay. My Doc gave me a slight chance that the fusion would fail.

It was purely up to me to succeed. I needed to stay positive and push forward when I was in the most extreme pain, when I had not slept for 30 hrs, thoughts would come into Herniated Disc L5-s1Hello everyone my name is lucas. I am a 31 year old man and have a herniated disc in the L5-S1 segment of my spine. I have been through physical theorapy and have recieved two ESI spinal injections. My doctor at the time reccomended lamanectimy surgery so I decided to have a second opinion.

My second doctor and now current doctor told me that procedure would not help because my disc has now collapsed. He then told me fusion was my last option. This was of course after he reviewed my mri and then gave me an X-ray. I have only three weeks left until my surgery and I am extremely concerned about the out come of my surgery. I have read very little succes stories and I have been told from people who had fusion surgery not to do it.

The people did not have the same fusion but still told me to stay away from it. You can read the FAQ by clicking the link above. It took about six months to recover. I still had some minor occasional pain but nothing compared to the pre-surgery pain that radiated into the legs. I was injured again at work in late 08. I am now two weeks or so from another fusion. Very basic description but gets the point across.Now to answer your question after my first surgery, and the six months or so of healing.

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