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Maps take a whole new turn.Offering an all-new design and a host of innovative features, Maps makes finding and getting to your destination faster and easier than ever. So in the morning, Maps can provide a proactive suggestion for the best route to work that avoids traffic. And any upcoming meetings on your calendar are presented with suggested routes.

Simply tap the suggestion to display the directions and start navigation. Then tap End Route.When you start moving, Maps updates its position to give you a better sense of direction. You can also use your finger to scroll ahead to see any obstructions on your route. Use a Marker to get directions between two locationsYou can use mOne of the biggest features in iOS is the addition of 3D maps.

Using touch controls, users can manipulate 3-degree views of landmarks. Also, the new app includes built-in turn-by-turn GPS navigation with voice guidance.About:Video by Mike Flaminio of Insanely Great Mac. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos. Area of focus includes products from Apple and Apple-related software and accessories. My YouTube channel features content for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Maps will offer a suggestion (for example San Francisco, CA). On the upside, we welcomed the new turn-by-turn directions and the 3D flyover feature was lovely.

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