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You might have heard that they are extra-advanced, or that you can get college credit from them. Each course is developed by a committee composed of higher education faculty and expert AP teachers who ensure that the course reflects college- and university-level expectations. These committees define the scope and goals of the AP course, articulating what students should know and be able to do upon completing it. The committee then works with ETS (Educational Testing Service) to develop multiple-choice and free-response exam questions.

Committee members also write and review the course description for each subject.AP courses are taught by highly qualified high school teachers who use the AP Course Descriptions to guide them. The Differences between AP and Honors classesThe main difference between the two has to do with college credit. Basically, if you enroll your teen in an AP course, they have the chance to receive college credit.

Both are very rigorous courses that colleges like to see on high school transcripts. They are the most rigorous courses that B-CC offers and are excellent preparation for college. The successful completion of Advanced Placement classes has benefits during both the college application process and undergraduate life. Below are six of the biggest perks to taking AP classes. Success in difficult courses is the surest sign of your preparedness for college.

The most challenging courses, of course, are college-level courses such as Advanced Placement. Note that International Baccalaureate classes, some HonoAP offers more than 30 courses across multiple subject areas. In this section, you can download a brief course overview or a full description of each course and exam. Course overviews provide an introduction to AP courses and exams and are available in print-ready formats for distribution to students, parents and educators.

For more detailed information about AP courses and exams, download the full course descriptions.AP CapstoneAP Capstone is a diploma program based on the two courses listed below. In order to offer these courses, schools must apply through the AP Program to participate and teachers must attend mandatory training.

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