Display driver has failed and recovered

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Hello Crabby Office Lady,This error can happen because of an outdated video driver, to many programs running at one time or even high CPU activity. There is a link to a KB article on the following post that gives more info on the issue and helps to fix it, see. This must be very annoying. The solutions here may help you fix this problem. Today it has gotten worse, where the screen went completely black with the blue squares flashing everywhere.

Restarting sometimes helps, but rarely.Been having this problem off and on since I received the system in August 2010. The system is running Win7 (4bit), 4GB of RAM, and most importantly, a ATI Radeon HD 5450 GPU which has already been replaced by Dell technicians TWICE thru on-site support. They also replaced the harddrive and mobo on the last visit (3 total visits so far for this machine).

The system retains its original i5 CPU.I have uAttention, Internet Explorer UserAnnouncement: Jive has discontinued support for Internet Explorer 7 and below.In order to provide the best platform for continued innovation, Jive no longer supports Internet Explorer 7.Jive will not function with this version of Internet Explorer. So, occasionally, my computer would glitch and split screen the desktop and the only thing that would restore the desktop to normal would be a restart.

I turned the computer off and then on, and now the computer is booting, but there is no image on the screen. Any ideas. Thanks in advance. While playing video games or using video or graphics applications (such as streaming video), the computer screen goes black for up to three seconds, and then one of the following error messages displays. Update the graphics driver for yo.

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