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Do not you know how to make a review of related literature. No panic. It may also be a required part of proposals. Of course, the parts presented here may correspond to a monograph or more complex paper.Since this semester we will work on a more simple document, explore the web and come up with the basic parts a paper should have (in your opinion).Your task for today is to write down a list of those parts and decide the order they should have.

Select an informative title2. The first part is the research review. In the first step you will use scholarly articles to read and discover what others are saying about your topic. After you have read and reviewed studies related to your topic you will need to create a narrative description of what you discovered.

Unlike other types of research papers your thesis does not create an argument or a position. It is a summary and synopsis of a particular area of research, allowing anybody reading the paper to establish why you are pursuing this particular research program. A good literature review expands upon the reasons behind selecting a particular research question.

All sides of an argument must be clearly explained, to avoid bias, and areas of You may have finished the best research project on earth but, if you do not make an interesting and well laid out paper, then nobody is going to take your findings seriously.The main thing to remember with any research paper is that it is based upon an hourglass structure. It starts with general information, as you conduct a literature review, and becomes specific as you nail down a research problem and hypothesis.Finally, it again becomes more general as you try to apply your findings to the world at general.Whilst there are a few differences between the various disciplines, with some fields placing more of an emphasis upon certain parts than others do, there is a basic underlying structure.These steps are the building blocks of constructing a good research paper.

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