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When writing research papers, your sources are not limited to scholarly books and journal articles. On occasion, you will need to cite documentary films, which fall under the various citation rules for movies. The procedure for citing documentary films within the text and your reference page at the end of your paper differs for each of the four major citation styles: MLA, APA, Chicago and Harvard. Documentaries in MLA FormatMLA format requires you to write the documentary title first, in italics.

This online tool was originally created by David Warlick of The Landmark Project on October 29, 2000 and is part of a suite of education tools provided by Chegg Inc.Learn more about our product for schools. We also provide style guides for the MLA, Chicago, and Turabian styles. United States: Miramax.

The American Psychological Association established a style guide for citing various sources, from interviews to books. Used primarily for academic writing concerning the sciences, APA style requires a particular format when citing a documentary in the reference list and in text. Documentaries, primarily used for instruction, are common secondary sources. Cite a documentary in APA style by listing information such as producer, director, publication date, and the name of the studio that produced or distributed the documentary.

The American Psychological Association publication manual is used for work in the social science, education and nursing fields. When writing such a research paper, you can use a documentary as a resource, just like a book or journal article. It is important to properly cite the documentary in your text and then again on the References page. In-Text CitationCiting a documentary in the body of your paper is similar to citing a print or online resource. The main difference is that instead of an author, you are attributing a film to the producer(s) and director(s) along with the year.

For more information, please consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, ( th ed., 2 nd printing).Contributors:Joshua M. If no publisher URL, use the homepage database URL. If published only online, use unique URL. Online database publication infoDatabaseDatabaseDate accessedDayMonthYearTodayURLNote: MLA 7 says to leave out the URL unlessthe sourcecannot be located without itor if instructor requires it.Display URLYes NoLeave out the URL unless the source cannot belocated without it.

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