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Enroll in any one of our professional certification courses that meet your technical writing interests and goals. Workplace ExperienceDo you have the necessary technical writing capabilities already in place. Are you seeking to advance your career goals and objectives. Then use the Workplace Experience Certificate Service to propel your career forward. Earn a Certificate in Technical Writing based on your area of expertise.

TWC FOR PROJECT MANAGERSThis course enhances your understanding of technical communication and prepares you to step up successfully for project management assignments and roles in your career using proven communication techniques and principles. Advanced Tech CommunicationThe study of user experience, subject matter developmenTechnical writers take scientific and technical language and translate it into simple language for people to better understand.

With an accredited education in technical writing you can train to work for magazine, book, or newspaper publishers, and a variety of other organizations.Students will learn to collect information from libraries, the internet, professionals, and other information resources. With completed research, a technical writer can organize and translate the technical communications they acquire into understandable printed information.Students can choose to specialize in science, English, engineering, and journalism with a bachelors degree.

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