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Do you love fantasy novels. Biographies. Mysteries. Get students involved with writing book reviews and sharing them online.Read Spagetti Book Club report on the success of this project. This article quotesa report on the success and effectiveness of the book club. You may also wish to skim the entire SRI report titled The Organization of Learning in Community Technology Centers: Learning with Technologies in Six Communities (March 2001).Many classrooms have developed their own Book Review pages to share their student work.

Check out Book Reviews from Planet 5th from a group of fifth graders. We put a lot of stock in personal recommendations—particularly when it comes to books. Plenty of websites offer tips on great reads, but none will carry as much weight with your students as a site based on peer recommendations. The site was built on Wikispaces, the ad-free wiki creation platform for schools. Try using Wikispaces to create a similar site with your classes.Wikispaces allows you to arrange your book review in a variety of ways.

The library system will soon have a list of websites that review book content. Will you please repost it. It was created to celebrate the 81 years of discerning, thoughtful criticism Kirkus Reviews has contributed to both the publishing industry and readers at large. Books that earned the Kirkus Star with publication dates between November 1, 2015, and October 31, 201 (see FAQ for exceptions), are automatically nominated for the 201 Kirkus Prize, and the winners will be selected on November 3, 201, by an esteemed panel composed of nationally respected writers and highly regarded booksellers, librarians and Kirkus critics.

Our world belongs to the Equals --- aristocrats with magical gifts --- and all commoners must serve them for 10 years.

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