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From some of the most epic, captivating and visually stunning summer blockbusters to short Saturday morning cartoons, every motion picture begins as a series of simple storyboards. Meticulously and with the utmost care, each individual frame is measured by parameters, assessed for color and placement, and improved for story coherence and flow. But for every high-dollar, highly talented Hollywood producer and art director, there are thousands of energetic aspiring movie-enthusiasts crafting compelling storyboards for future moving pictures.

At the Ultimate List of Free Storyboard Templates for eLearning you will find 72 Free Storyboards For eLearning. The most of the free storyboards for eLearning are in word format and some of them in powerpoint. Donate your Storyboard TemplateSupport entry level eLearning professionals. I am sure that at the first steps of your career at the eLearning Industry you wanted help from experienced eLearning developers and instructional designers.

Having a storyboard template would be handy and helpful in accomplishing the task faster and better. Be it a designer, writer or photographer, storyboard templates are useful to all. Present in word format and available free for download, you can save yourself a lot of time by simply getting these from online without ever having to worry on how to create one on your own.

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