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It provides a fresh, new, graphical approach to writing. For many people, Microsoft Word is the default application for writing text, but it has many more features than most people need. Focus Writer is a lightweight basic text writer, designed to be free of the distractions of complex word processing applications. In fullscreen mode, there are no toolbars of windows, just a background and your text - so it can help people writing who need to concentrateView full description.

And Ulysses is said to have the best text editor in the world. Free software for writersWriters tend to make a very big deal of their tools, whether those tools are delicate pens or ancient typewriters. This comprehensive,user-friendly program streamlines all aspects of the creative process. Writers Block. Solvedwithin a few clicks. Performing a search in any dictionary will simultaneouslyinstigate the same search in all dictionaries.All of the dictionaries except for Synonyms and Dictionary,have filters that allow you to be more specific in yoursearches.

Depending on the dictionary, these filters allow youto search by usage, part of speech, intensity, syllablesand more. You may collect as many words or phrases as you wish fromeach dictionary.

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