Persuasive essay why college athletes should be paid

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Yet with this large sum of money, no college athletes are legally compensated for their work. Due to this lCollege athletics is a billion dollar industry and has been for a long time. Due to the increasing ratings of college athletics, this figure will continue to rise. College Universities generate so much revenue during the year that it is only fair to the players that they get a cut. Athletes deserve to be paid for their work.

At the present time, student-athletes are considered amateurs. College is a stepping-stone to the professional leagues. The NCAA is exploiting the student- athlete. Big-time schools are running a national entertainment business that controls the compensWhat has continued to be one of the most pressing issues in the world of sports today has now become a matter the NCAA can no longer afford to ignore. However, there are a lot of problems with how college athletes are treated, and many students, coaches, team owners and organizational members (such as those at NCAA, or the National College Athletic Association) are demanding reform.

Their main desire. To see that dependable college athletes are getting paid for their skills on the field.Many people believe college athletes need to be paid because financially, they are being taken advantage of by the NCAA and school systems. Over the past few decades, college athletics have gained popularity across the United States. Whether it is football, basketball, or baseball, ever since the turn of the century, intercollegiate sports have brought in a surplus of revenue to their respective Universities.

Why College Athletes Should Get Paidor not college athletes should get paid has been a controversial question for a while. now. Twenty years ago there were only six sports related channels on television. Today, there are over 150. This is mainly due to college athletics, ranTeam sports like soccer or basketball, as well as individual sports are extremely popular worldwide. Famous sportsmen and sportswomen have statuses similar to Hollywood celebrities, and their wages are high.

At the same time, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) prohibits college athletes to be monetarily compensated for their effort, which is definitely unfair. College athletes should be paid their due for a number of reasons.The NCAA should pay student athletes because it can actually do it. According to polls among economists, there are no financial factors that prevent the NCAA from paying their athletes. In particular, Rodney Fort, a sports economist and professor of.

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