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Writing and summarizing a journal article is a common task for college students and research assistants alike. You can learn to read the article effectively with an eye for summary, plan a successful summary, and write it to completion. Read the abstract. Abstracts are short paragraphs written by the author to summarize research articles. Cite the article below it.

Identify the article, including the title, author, and title of the journal it appeared in. Write your introduction, then summarize the article. Write your critique, then conclude the article review. Remember to proofread, review, and revise. Understand what an article review is. You will engage with the textExampleSummary of a Research ArticleHere is a model summary on a research article. This is what I will belooking for while grading your papers.

You should have three separateparagraphs resembling this one on your three different studies. You can alsouse this as a reference for how to cite a quote within your paper and how tocite the references on your reference page.The authors in this studyassessed the relationship between job performance in first-level managers (asrated by their supervisors) and their affective commitment, continuancecommitment, and job satisfaction.

Alternatively, continuance commitment is based on thecosts that employees associate with leaving the organization. Job performancewas assessed according to 3 dimensions ((1) compositeperformanc.

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