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Professional SummaryHighly seasoned and reliable Entry Level Web Designer with a strong work ethic and customer service and satisfaction record. Adept multitasker capable of bringing simultaneous web page creation and repair projects to completion with fullWhether you are just starting out as a Web designer or Web developer or are looking change careers and become a Web professional, there are key skills that you need if you hope to be successful in this profession.

The following list of skills, both technical and otherwise, represent some of these key areas of knowledge that you should work to add to your repertoire as you start to work on the Web. To this end, is one of the most important things a Web designer or Web developer can learn (and likely one of the first things they will learn). We hope that our sample designer resume will go a long way in portraying your abilities and skill sets efficiently and to the core of your abilities.

Any web designer worth his salt will develop a strong core of fundamentals to make himself stand out from the rest of the pack.So how do you develop these fundamentals. That will mean the difference between struggling to find and keep clients and actually having clients come find you.Here are the absolute fundamentals that all good web designers should possess if they want to reach sublime levels.

Skills Set Designing Software: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, In Design and IllustratorWeb Designing: Adobe Dream weaver, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java scripting, FTPAnimation Software: Adobe Flash, Swish Max3D Soft ware: Autodesk 3ds max, Autodesk MayaOpen Source CMS: Drupal, Joomla. Other Technologies: Adobe Premiere, 3D Max, Sound ForgeOperating System: XP, Vista, Windows 7. Download as a Word document hereWith increased competition in every market, tailoring your CV to a certain industry can be extremely helpful.

Tailoring it even further, right down to a job role can be just the push your credentials need to land on the top of the pile.Is your resume working for you. Consider these options or see below for more resume templates. Basic SEO and web analytics. Audio and video editing for the web.

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