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Looking for good ideas and examples of Rogerian Argument essays. We have provided you with a free sample of a Rogerian Argument essay here. Note the sequence of arguments and the pattern of thoughts in the article. Read on.Euthanasia Is Morally WrongEvery human life is precious. Regardless of age, gender or race, each individual is entitled to his or her self-preservation. While we have the innate duty to maintain our personal welfare, it is morally sound to say that we also have a responsibility to avoid inflicting harm towards other people, whether we personally know them or we are total strangers to them and vice versa.In the medical field, doctors are presumed to cure their patients and provide them with utmost care for their health.

Family members or relatives of patients are likewise expected to see to it that their loved-ones in hospitals are giveBefore you know how to write a Rogerian argument, you should first know what a Rogerian argument is. The assumption, therefore, is that you and your intended audience share common ideas, beliefs and arguments. Hence, the task is to identify these commonalities and use them to further argue.Rogerian arguments are oftentimes used in essays such as position papers. One advantage of using Rogerian argumentation is that the writer or speaker gains the attention of the audience and prevents them from immediately arguing in opposition.

Therefore,you do not need to provide a lengthy summary. Focus on the main pointsof tA Rogerian argument usually begins with the writer exploring the common ground she or he shares with the audience. In the introduction, the writer presents the problem, typically pointing out how both writer and reader are affected by the problem. Image via BusinessInsiderConfusion strikes.

You immediately sit up in your seat, hoping for some sort of elaboration on how to write a Rogerian essay, or at least an explanation of what it is. Ready to jump in. First, the writer must acknowledge differing viewpoints, then they can present their thesis. This can result in a very effective argument if done properly. Definition of a Thesis StatementA thesis statement is the main idea of your essay. It is important that your thesis is a focused, single idea.

A thesis asserts your point of view regarding the subject of the essay. Writing a thesis statement for a Rogerian argument essay uses this same idea while incorporating the specific idiosyncrasies that create this type of paper. Definition of a Rogerian ArgumentThe psychologist Carl R. Rogers advocated communication based on compromise, an approach he wrote about in his 191 book On Becoming a Person.

When some one is offended and his intellect or beliefs are challenged, his ego gets bruised and he only tries to prove himself right without considering the facts or arguments presented by the opponent. In that case no one actually pays attention to the gravity of the issue rather the focus of debate is dislocated.Rogerian arguments come as a rescue to avoid such situations. Are you reluctant to change your mind about certain social, political, or personal issues.

Do you have an unshakable faith in a particular religion or philosophy. Are you categorically against animal experimentation for advancements in medicine. Do you believe that criminals who have tortured and killed people should receive the death penalty. Do you believe that parents should have no more than two children because of the world population problem.

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