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The road has been difficult for them and rain has muddied their way so that many have stopped looking at anything other than their boots and the backs or the rucksacks of the men in front of them. Palmer says that when this happens, the men are immediately cheered and some of them even find the energy to dodge puddles in their paths. The man is 34 years old at the time of this story. The story begins with his wife, Norma Jean, lifting weights.

Leroy is a truck driver, who has injured his leg in an accident while on the road. He is now home recovering. He is afraid to go back to work as a trucker and decides not to. While he decides what he wants to do next, he starts building models and other crafts. He decides that he wants to build a real log cabin.Norma Jean simply tells Leroy that they will not allow log cabins in the new subdivisions.

Norma Jean works at a cosmetic counter and knows all about makeup. He thinks about oil. He has been feeling more in love with her since he has been.(read more from the Summary Summary) This section contains 1,392 words(approx. 4 pages at words per page). Rating Summary of ShilohShiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is an award-winning classic novel about a boy and a dog.

Sometimes figuring out the difference between right and wrong, telling the truth or telling a lie, or whether to be kind or cruel is not a simple choice. The trouble is his neighbor is the abuser and does little to entertain the thought of selling his hunting dog to Marty. Marty goes through great lengths to keep Shiloh away from Judd. He hides him out in the woods and sneaks out of the house to spend time and bring him food.

He creates a web of lies to protect the innocent dog.A German Shepherd gets loose and tears up the little beagle. Now Marty has to get help and he is forced to come forward with the truth and untangle his web of lies. Judd agrees that Marty can do work around his house in exchange for Shiloh. Disappointment begins to settle in when Judd tells him that despite his hard work there is no deal because Marty did not have a witness. Marty is determined and he continues to do physical labor in exchange for Shiloh.

Judd tells them that his dog ran away again, and he wants to know if any of them have seen it. Before Judd leaves, he tells Marty that if he sees him, he should throw a rope around his neck and drag him over to his house. He also collects cans. Judd takes his dogs out hunting. Marty is really nervous if Shiloh will bark. In the after noon.

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