Should teens be able to buy violent video games

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Therefore, it only seems logical that minors should be prohibited from buying or renting video games where these actions occur. A California law passed in 2005 does just that, but it was immediately challenged in federal court and is being examined by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court should find this law constitutional.Violent video games should be a lessened area of speech protection.

And if it is the games that make them violent then they need to stop making violent video games once and for all. I think it should be up to the teens and the parents if they want to play these games. I do not think playing these games make teens more violent in the real world. It has no difference on my life outside of the game. I also have many other hobbies i love to get involved with but my Xbox is,in my eyes, the most valuable out of them all.

Ive played Halo all the way to Counter-Strike. Nothings changed with me except going into the major leagues. A racecar game does not make me a race car driver. So therefore a game where you shoot and kill people does NOT make me a killer. There are some crazy people out there but not everyone is the same. There are so many reasons why. Well enough is enough is enough. Ratings were created to tell you what age group they recommend the game to. Should teens be able topurchase violent videogames.

There are some reasons why I think this way. The first reason is that teens can differentiate between games and reality.

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