Tensile testing of metals ppt

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The material has known dimensions, like length and cross-sectional area. We then begin to apply weight to the material gripped at one end while the other end is fixed. We keep increasing the weight (often called the load or force) while at the same time measuring the change in length of the sample. Tensile tests are simple, relatively inexpensive, and fully standardized. By pulling on something, you will very quickly determine how the material will react to forces being applied in tension.

As the material is being pulled, you will find its strength along with how much it will elongate. As you continue to pull on the material until it breaks, you will obtain a good, complete tensile profile. A curve will result showing how it reacted to the forces being applied. Laboratory Testing Inc. Alternator Testing.CAUTION:To prevent damage to the alternator (GEN), do not make jumper wire connections except as directed.

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