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However, ebooks come in a variety of formats that might require different applications in order to view and read them. Read on to find out how to put ebooks of varying formats on your iPad. Power on your iPad. Once your device is ready for use, look for an app called iBooks. Download iBooks. To do so, simply tap on the App Store application. Then, enter iBooks in the search bar. Think again. Prev Page 1 of 10 Next Prev Page 1 of 10 Next Step 1 - Get a full size iPad.

Start your free trial today. On a physical keyboard, I can go as fast as 120 words per minute. My typing speed is no constraint on my brain. AdvertisementFor me, the iPad is the ultimate device for paperless reading, writing, and photo viewing. The comfortable viewing size of the iPad makes it a perfect electronic notebook for reading ebooks, PDFs, typing short emails, and viewing lots of photos. To buy and download Write A Book by Andrea Gatti, get iTunes now. Hey all,As a long shot, I plan to write a book.

But I was thinking if there is any app that helps one go through this tedious (yet exciting) process. Writing apps for iPadAs we gradually get faster at typing on touchscreens, extended writing sessions on the iPad have become much more viable. Meanwhile, developers of writing apps have made significant improvements to their offerings. Here are our picks for the 10 best apps for getting some writing done on the iPad.

To further prove the point, I composed the bulk of each section in its respective app. I did, however, have to go back and do some editing work from my laptop to add formatting for entries from some of the more barebones apps.

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